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Members Dinner Meeting - Feb 21

Our special guest speaker is CAPT Robert B. Olds, USN (Ret) The  USS ...
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Homes for Heroes

 Final Report of Homes For Heroes Foundation Grant 2017

Home For Heroes Grant:
(nonprofit arm of HFH which offers discounted mortgage services to first responders)
   a. To be used entirely and only for helping military and veterans and their families with urgent financial or housing needs, such as financial aid to deal with family, medical and personal hardships.
   b. $1,250 Awarded to Chapter in August (Four highest MFI grants received this).
   c. All monies were awarded prior to December 6, 2017.
   d. Same committee as above working on this HFH grant and will follow same procedures outlined above for MFI grant).
   e. MAY be able to reapply for monies for both Grants in subsequent years.  

Luke Chapter MOAA
Luke Chapter MOAA
Luke Chapter MOAA
Luke Chapter MOAA

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