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Members Dinner Meeting - Feb 21

Our special guest speaker is CAPT Robert B. Olds, USN (Ret) The  USS ...
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Luke Chapter President's briefing to AZ CoC on 1 Nov 2018

Chapter Accomplishments 2018 and Goals 2019

Reports from the Chapter President on issues of interest to Chapter members.


President’s Message:  Pay it Forward

“To whom much is given, from them much is required.”  Luke 12:48

How can we ever thank enough those in our lives whose generosity and love helped us each become who we are?

One good way is to pay it forward.  Please, dear members, let’s all dig deep and donate generously to help our West Valley graduating seniors through our Luke Chapter Scholarship Fund.  We had our day.  Now is the time to help as many youngsters as we can to get their start for a better life.  Our annual fund drive and dinner is set for April 11.

Many advantages can be counted on behalf of young people today.  Most of our country, though not all by any means, have access to public education through high school, good health care, enough to eat, sufficient clothing, a home at night, and so forth.  That was basically the same for our generation back in the 60s and 70s.  What seems much different now from when most of us attended college back in the day, is the very high cost of an undergraduate degree. 

I graduated from the University of Colorado in 1972.  My wife and I survived on $10-12 per week in groceries. Yes, we did!  The rent for a space for our mobile home was about $60 per month. Tuition and fees cost a couple thousand a year as I remember.  I worked summers in construction, and Beth worked as a life guard at the university pool.  We were able both to support ourselves and help pay for our university educations.  Yes, we also had some help from our parents for college tuition, fees and books.  We did not borrow any money.  What was your experience?

Contrast those days with now.  College tuition and fees has for decades increased by six to eight percent per year, compounded annually---a rate much higher than general inflation. The current average annual cost, including living expenses, for an in-state, undergraduate student at a public university is $25,500; for out-of-state students, the average cost is $41,000.  The average annual cost at a private university is $51,000, with elite schools ranging up to $60,000 and more.  Google-it, if you doubt!  About two-thirds of all students must borrow money.  The average total loan at graduation now exceeds $37,000.  That is about what a nice house cost when we were going to school.  Total student debt now approaches $1.5 trillion!

We can’t help everyone, but we can help some.  For the past two years, Luke Chapter paid tuition grants to sixteen students, totaling about $25,000 each year.  We make grants, not loans.  Our goal this year is to grant a total of $32,000 in scholarships.  Your warm generosity makes this happen.

Pay it forward for our young people, Luke Chapter!  We shall…


Mike Kramer

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