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New and Improved Luke Chapter Website

On March 1, 2018 the Luke Chapter MOAA launched a new and improved website.  The new site has...
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Presidents Page

Reports from the Chapter President on issues of interest to Chapter members.

President’s Message for January 2019:  Luke Chapter Acts Ethically

“Knowledge of the good is of great importance for the conduct of our lives.  If, like archers, we have a target to aim at, we are more likely to hit the right mark.”  Artistotle, Nichomachean Ethics

As uniformed officers, we pledged to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America….”  For me personally, that may be the most sacred oath I have ever taken in my lifetime.  In addition, as chapter members we are committed to the mission of Luke Chapter MOAA.

Aristotle counseled that virtues as well as vices are cultivated through a pattern of behavior, a recurring set of habits that men and women keep, whether knowingly or otherwise.  In fact, the Greek word ethos from which we derive the word ‘ethics’ means ‘habits’ or ‘character.’  Collectively, these habits of virtue or vice constitute our character as individuals.

Our target as a chapter is our mission statement. It is our definition of ‘the good’ in Aristotle’s sense.  We are dedicated to fostering camaraderie and friendships among our members, protecting earned benefits, counseling our members in transition to life outside of the service, supporting young people in the JROTC and the scholarship program, and helping other needy veterans, service members and their families in our grant program.  Like archers, we succeed as a chapter when we aim at and focus on our mission of service to others.

Luke Chapter closes an outstanding year of 2018.  We are indeed ‘on target’ seeking the good.  The coming year of 2019 will be even more successful.  Thank you all for your commitment to our mission.  We will…


Mike Kramer

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