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On March 1, 2018 the Luke Chapter MOAA launched a new and improved website.  The new site has...
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Presidents Page

Reports from the Chapter President on issues of interest to Chapter members.

President's Message of December 2018

Luke Chapter Cares

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  President Theodore Roosevelt

Luke Chapter was honored recently as a “Five Star” Level of Excellence chapter by MOAA for 2017, continuing a long chapter tradition.  We are known, because we care.

Several Luke Chapter officers participated in the Arizona Council of Chapters (AZCOC) meeting and the MOAA’s Annual Meeting and the Workshop Conference this weekend in south Phoenix.  We took the opportunity to meet several top MOAA leaders, including Lt Gen Dana Atkins, CEO, Col Mike Turner, VP of Development, and Col Terri Coles, Director of Councils and Chapters.  We also briefed the AZCOC on Luke Chapter’s successes and goals, and MOAA’s Council and Chapter’s Roundtable on our outstanding chapter grant program to local veterans and active duty members in need.  The AZCOC briefing charts are posted on this page as pdf document.

LTC Dennis DeFrain provides an update in this issue on our Military Family Initiative---please read it with pride.  Luke Chapter ‘cares’ deeply for our military community. 

Our grant committee meets and interviews all grant recipients to assess their financial emergency and need.  In each case, we leave the interview moved and motivated to help others.  Most of our chapter members and surviving spouses receive military pensions, sufficient to provide a degree of financial security.  That is not true for aging veterans and their spouses who served their nation and returned to civilian life.  In many cases, the individual or couple survives on social security alone.  It is not enough.  And the families of young active duty enlisted members gratefully receive our commissary cards and food packages during the holidays.

Several senior leaders at the MOAA meetings told me they were personally moved by our chapter’s efforts to help destitute veterans.

Luke Chapter also cares for youngsters seeking a higher education.  We awarded sixteen bright, energetic young people almost $25,000 last spring to help with tuition.  Your Board approved disbursement of $34,000 this coming spring in tuition grants.  Luke Chapter alone gives more than one-half of the total amount of scholarship grants by all nine AZCOC chapters combined!  Your generosity and caring, Luke Chapter members, made possible the increase in amount.  Read about the scholarship program in Director Don and Maureen Fordney’s article posted in the webpage.

Yes, Luke Chapter cares, and we…


Mike Kramer

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