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New Member Application

You can apply on-line for chapter membership at the bottom of this page and pay chapter dues with PayPal or your credit card.


If you would prefer to apply via mail and pay by check, please download our application form (pdf) on the right. 


DUES: Chapter dues are $25/year for Regular and Associate (NATO) members; $15/year for Surviving Spouses. 


Chapter uses a Fiscal Year for membership from 1 July to 30 June. 


New Members who join in May or June will have dues applied to the upcoming year beginning in July.

If you have questions regarding a new membership, please email our Membership Chairman.

To begin your online application to the Luke Chapter, enter your email address below.


Membership in the National MOAA is not a requirement for being a REGULAR MEMBER member in Luke Chapter MOAA but membership in National MOAA confers many advantages and is strongly encouraged. There are three levels or grades of Membership in National MOAA (Basic, Premium, Life) For Details about Membership in National MOAA, click HERE.

If you have questions regarding your membership application, please email our Membership Chair.

Why Is It Important To Join MOAA? Watch this video to learn more.
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Luke Chapter MOAA
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